Elecon suitcase load banks are light enough to be handled by one technician, yet rugged enough to stand up to years of reliable service. Use it in tight locations, roof mounted generators accessible only by the elevator, or from the back of the pickup at the jobsite. Simply add more units to increase your kW capacity.

  • Elecon load banks feature durable nichrome wire resistors cooled by high volume fan assemblies.
  • Control power is derived from the generator set being tested, or external 120V source.
  • High temperature, and the loss of cooling air are standard protection on Elecon load banks.
  • Cam-lock connectors are standard power connection on suitcase load banks.
  • Short circuit possibility is virtually eliminated through the use of branch circuit fuse protection of the load elements.
  • All components are certified according to CSA standards.
  • Elecon suitcase load banks are offered in a standard (but not limited to) 150kW size.