Elecon trailer line of load banks is designed for mobile testing at multiple sites. Units can be mounted on a single or double axle DOT approved trailer, or shipped loose for installation on your own trailer. Trailer load banks are constructed using heavy gauge powder coated steel for years of reliable service.

  • Elecon load banks feature durable nichrome wire resistors cooled by high volume fan assemblies.
  • Control power is derived from the generator set being tested, or external 120V source.
  • High temperature, and the loss of cooling air are standard protection on Elecon load banks.
  • Cam-lock connectors are standard power connection on suitcase load banks.
  • Doors on intake and exhaust side of the load bank to prevent any debris entering and damaging the resistor trays.
  • Short circuit possibility is virtually eliminated through the use of branch circuit fuse protection of the load elements.
  • Digital metering is standard for trailer mounted units.
  • All components are certified according to CSA standards.
  • Elecon trailer load banks are offered in the range 500kW to 2000kW.