Elecon portable line of load banks is designed for ease of use and transport from one test site to another with common trucks and vans. Integrated casters, and a compact footprint, make it perfect for the factory or field testing of you generator sets. Elecon portable load banks are constructed using heavy gage aluminum for years of reliable service.


  • Elecon load banks feature durable nichrome wire resistors cooled by high volume fan assemblies.
  • Control power is derived from the generator set being tested, or external 120V source.
  • High temperature and the loss of cooling air are standard protection on Elecon load banks.
  • Heavy-duty casters for easy maneuvering.
  • Cam-lock connectors are standard power connection on portable line of load banks.
  • Short circuit possibility is virtually eliminated through the use of branch circuit fuse protection of the load elements.
  • All components are certified according to CSA standards.
  • Elecon portable load banks are offered in (but not only) three standard sizes: 150kW, 280kW, and 400kW.
  • When higher ratings are necessary, trailer mounted models are available to satisfy most load requirements at remote sites.